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Hot Air Balloon

Be it for FIT, Leisure or MICE, what better way to enjoy Europe than with a hot air balloon ride? From the air, you can encounter a whole new world you never thought you’d see on foot and travel great distances in minutes. 



E-scooters are the best and most effective way to learn, have fun and see plenty of top attractions of the city! From Uk to Spain to Brussels, France, Czech etc - many countries offer this wonderful experience for groups as well as individual customer. 


Wine Tours

In vino veritas”- “In wine, truth”, the ancient Romans used to say. And the truth is that wine tours and tastings in Italy are unlike any others.

Tank Ride.jpeg

Tank Driving

Tank Driving is a great opportunity to experience the feeling of driving a real military tank. Professional tank drivers will drive you through mud, bumps, and dip you in water in full speed so hold tight and enjoy the "crazy" race!


Pub Crawl

Many cities in europe & UK offer nightly Pub Crawl in the heart of many European cities under the shining lights. Experience it by night as we take you and your fellow Crawlers to some of the best bars & clubs in that area.


Europe festival.jpeg

Europe Festivals

Why not exploring Europe around enormous festivals like Christmas in London, La tomatina in Spain, Nottinghill festival in London, Beer festival in Germany, Gay & Flower Parade of Netherlands & many more.


Beer Bike

BEER BIKE is the a wonderful experience in many towns around Europe covering the city’s major sights. Interesting experience for MICE or Solo travelers, this experience is well equipped with comfy seating, bar on board with draft beer & audio system. 


Vintage Car Ride

Explore Prague in a vintage cars from 1920s. Enjoy vintage car tour with completely renovated historical vehicles, manufactured in the period from 1928 to 1935, which at the time period belonged to the luxurious class. 

Hele ride.jpeg

Helicopter Tour

Famous cities of Europe offers most striking skylines, why view its landmarks just from the ground? With flying experience you can leave the crowds behind and see the capital from a new perspective during your helicopter tour.

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