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FIT, Groups, Leisure

3 Days

Places of Interest

  • Lisbon

  • Porto

  • Coimbra

  • Braga

  • Aveiro

Top attractions

  1. Lisbon - The capital city of Portugal

  2. Porto - Another beautiful city in Portugal

  3. Algarve - A popular tourist destination in Portugal

  4. Sintra - A UNESCO World Heritage Site

  5. Funchal - The capital city of Madeira

  6. Coimbra - A charming city located in central Portugal, Coimbra is known for its historic university, beautiful architecture, and vibrant culture

  7. Évora - A UNESCO World Heritage Site

  8. Douro Valley - A stunning region located in northern Portugal

  9. Nazaré - A charming coastal town located in central Portugal

  10. Guimarães - A UNESCO World Heritage Site

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