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Markka (Mk)

Daily Budget:


Visit Days:

FIT, Groups, Leisure

3 Days

Places of Interest

  • Rovaniemi

  • Helsinki

  • Turku

  • Tampere

  • Porvoo

Top attractions

  1. Helsinki - The capital city of Finland, Helsinki is known for its beautiful architecture, vibrant culture, and stunning waterfront. Don't miss the Helsinki Cathedral and the Suomenlinna Sea Fortress.

  2. Lapland - A stunning region located in northern Finland, Lapland is known for its beautiful winter landscapes, charming villages, and the opportunity to see the Northern Lights. Don't miss the Santa Claus Village and the Ranua Wildlife Park.

  3. Rovaniemi - A charming city located in Lapland

  4. Turku - A historic city

  5. Åland Islands - A beautiful archipelago

  6. Porvoo

  7. Koli National Park

  8. Oulanka National Park

  9. Hanko - A charming seaside town

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